LevGo smartTools for the Lab
LevGo smartTools for the Lab

LevGo smartBoxHolder™

Universal Dispensing Box Holder
  • Sturdy ABS Plastic Box Holder for spatulas, gloves, lab wipes and more
  • Patent pending design provides maximum usability and versatility
  • Holds iPhones, Android Phones and small electronic devices
  • Power cord pass through port built in
  • Rotates in 45o increments while mounted
  • Unclutters the bench
  • The LevGo smartBoxHolder™, a universal, rotating, and expanding Box Holder, is the ONLY holder that easily expands from 95 to 155 mm (3.75 to 6 inches) to hold a variety of dispensing boxes, containers and small electron- ics (power cord pass through port built in).
  • The unique LevGo smartBoxHolder™ features an indexed mounting system, which allows 180o of rotation in 45o increments without removing the box or the holder from the mounting bracket! The smartBoxHolder mounts on most vertical surfaces, such as sheet rock walls with the included screws and drywall anchors and the protective lip of lab shelves with the included double-sided tape.

MSRP: $34.99

Patent Pending

Made in the USA

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